Ab E Manufacturing

Ab E Manufacturing is Ab E Discovery’s commercial production path, focused on process development and manufacturing of early stage bio-functional feed ingredients.


working with ab e manufacturing

To accelerate market entry, Ab E Manufacturing outfits forward-thinking businesses with the capacity, resources, and flexible systems needed to get from R&D to scale. Ab E Manufacturing’s production scientists integrate multiple phases of front-end development, engineering and implementing processes that ensure optimal quality and consistency throughout.

We’ve designed our systems to accommodate a variety of needs: university researchers needing to produce test batches and develop a manufacturing process for an early stage product; businesses seeking to scale-up commercial manufacturing or for an interim production facility; and more.



our facility

Ab E Manufacturing’s 25,000-square-foot headquarters and production facility are located in Waterloo, WI. Strategically situated between Madison and Milwaukee, we developed Ab E Manufacturing with a single goal in mind: accelerating market entry for entrepreneurial scientists and their discoveries.

In order to do so, we're building our space to create an environment where partnership and innovation thrive. Elements include:

  • Dedicated R&D and quality laboratory
  • Flexible layout for introducing new processes
  • Cross-functional workspaces designed for collaboration

core capabilities

  • Spray-drying and fluid bed processing
  • Protein and bio-functional ingredient encapsulation
  • Egg handling (wash, break, separate)
  • Pasteurization
  • Blending and packaging
  • Inventory management
  • R&D process engineering