About Us


Who We Are

Ab E Discovery was born from a game-changing discovery out of Professor Mark Cook’s lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, nurtured by entrepreneurial scientists who took its impact beyond the lab and into the marketplace. From our vantage point at the intersection of science and industry, we see the incredible value that innovations in animal agriculture offer beyond protein as food--as well as the need to support scientists in commercializing these ideas.

Ab E Discovery partners with entrepreneurial scientists to lead their technologies from discovery to impact. A full-service commercialization resource, Ab E Discovery focuses on bio-functional ingredient technologies and delivers the expertise, knowledge, and hands-on support needed to develop and manufacture industry-ready innovations. The Ab E Discovery team applies decades of industry and research experience to ensure technologies’ scientific and commercial success.


Professor Mark E. Cook, Ph.D.

Professor Mark E. Cook, Ph.D.


Our Approach

Service-Based: We work alongside partners to navigate the complex, often confusing commercialization process from start to finish.

  • Commercialization strategies tailored to partner priorities and resources

  • Development and implementation of customized engagement plans and scopes of work

  • Empowering entrepreneurs by identifying gaps in knowledge and providing the necessary education and training

  • Ab E Discovery staff support in all phases of product development.

credible: as a trusted authority at the intersection of science and industry, we have a wealth of experience, tools, and resources at our disposal.

  • Access to a mature network of university researchers, scientists, and industry experts

  • Proven track record in all areas of commercialization: R&D, quality and legal, scale-up and manufacturing, and more

  • In-depth knowledge of hurdles and common errors and commercialization, and development of strategies to overcome them

Focused: our experience-driven technical expertise accelerates and simplifies the commercialization process for all stakeholders.

  • Specialization in animal health and nutrition

  • Divisions led by experts to define, design, and optimize work in each part of the commercialization process

  • Use of our expertise to build efficient, reliable systems to maximize resources and cut down time to market

  • IP-driven, focused technologies with portfolios of patents to achieve sustainable, accelerated growth