Commercialization Support Services

Our services address five core areas of the commercialization process. Whether your technology needs support in one or all of them, our experts work with you to design and execute a path to market.


business development

Working with entrepreneurs and companies to optimize products for the marketplace, whether it's building a commercialization plan or discovering new pipeline opportunities. Areas of expertise include:

  • Business model and strategy development
  • Leadership and management training
  • Customer development and market analysis
  • Portfolio growth and development; technology scouting and evaluation

Research & development

Producing, testing, and refining innovations to prepare them for scale-up and commercial manufacturing, including design and optimization of production processes. Areas of expertise include:

  • Assay development and optimization (e.g. ELISAs, PCR, microbial counts)
  • Yield optimization
  • Pre-commercial supply chain development
  • Commercial trial development and execution
  • R&D gap assessments
Quality and Regulatory.jpg

quality & regulatory compliance

Navigating industry regulations and developing systems, protocols, checks, and controls to ensure quality and regulatory compliance. Areas of expertise include:

  • SOP development and records
  • Quality and regulatory gap and risk assessments
  • cGMP system development and auditing
  • R&D and commercial trial batch release
  • GRAS affirmation assistance
  • New Drug Application (NDA) assistance
Manufacturing and Scale-Up.jpg

manufacturing & scale-up

Providing the capacity, resources, and infrastructure needed to manufacture products with optimal quality and consistency through our subsidiary, Ab E Manufacturing. Areas of expertise include:

  • Identifying and evaluating manufacturing partners
  • Technology transfer from R&D to commercial production
  • Production protocol optimization
  • Process development from raw materials to packaging and distribution
Customer Development.jpg

customer development

Using customer connections to optimize products for the marketplace, while generating a robust sales funnel and thorough understanding of target audiences. Areas of expertise include:

  • Target audience definition and prioritization
  • Marketing strategy and promotional material development
  • Customer and sales development
  • Distribution partnerships and opportunities