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the technology

Cosabody™ is an all-natural feed ingredient that nutritionally supports gut health. Cosabody™ was developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison by Professor Mark Cook and Dr. Jordan Sand. Composed of whole eggs, Cosabody™ contains a complete amino acid profile and is minimally processed to preserve native protein and lipid structures. This includes the high amount of yolk antibodies inherently present in eggs, providing the highest quality of nutrients. A simple implementation process ensures the seamless integration of Cosabody™ into existing management practices, making it an accessible, effective, and profitable choice for producers.


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Single feed ingredient that is easy to administer and quickly integrate into existing systems

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Nutritionally promotes gastro-intestinal health without the use of chemicals or antibiotics

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Cost-competitive with comparable feed ingredients



Species-specific formulations to suit your needs.




Cosabody™ can be easily implemented within a one- to two-month period:  simply incorporate into your next feed rotation.  It is recommended for both traditional and NAE-raised birds and livestock.