Aastha Jindal, Ph.D.

Senior scientist

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Aastha Jindal is an experienced immunologist with experience in designing and leading multidisciplinary research projects, collaborations and studies with a focus in gastroenterology. Aastha has employed her knowledge of biotechnology and medicine in labs around the world. Most recently, she conducted postdoctoral research with the Baruch S Blumberg Institute and Tiziana LifeSciences on liver diseases and small molecule drug development for hepatocellular carcinoma. During her research career, she has published high-impact research articles that have received critical acclaim.

Aastha has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Engineering, with a focus on Biotechnology (Maharshi Dayanand University, Karunya Institute of Technology ); a PhD in Molecular Medicine (University of Piemonte Orientale); and an MBA with a focus on Global Business and Sustainability (Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Italy). 

In her spare time, Aastha enjoys travelling, cooking and Bollywood fusion dancing.