Jordan M. Sand, Ph.D.

Co-Founder + CTO


Jordan Sand comes to Ab E Discovery with a deep history in agriculture and an impressive track record for recognizing opportunities to use science to improve existing processes. Growing up on a farm in North Dakota, he earned the prestigious Lemelson-MIT High School Invention Apprenticeship at the age of 18 for his innovations in eco-friendly paper and solar distillation of water.

Jordan worked with Dr. Mark Cook for over 7 years, focusing on pathogens’ ability to modify the host immune system to allow for infection. Together, they developed the original basis for Cosabody and subsequently won the 2012 Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation Innovation Award. Jordan has published 19 papers and 13+ patents based on this and other technologies.

Jordan holds a dual degree in microbiology and biotechnology from North Dakota State University, as well as a doctoral degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in molecular and environmental toxicology. He lives in Madison with his wife, Laurie, and three children.